What is precision rack & pinion?

Precise accuracy and exceptional manufacturing quality define what is considered high-precision rack & pinion.

Rack and pinion is used to convert rotational motion into linear motion and is a common component in today’s automation applications. Rack and pinion excels when used in applications requiring long travel lengths, high-speeds, and high forces. Other benefits include superior life and low operating noise. When selecting rack and pinion for an application that requires high precision it is important to know that the specifications of the product meet the application requirements.  Most suppliers only declare one specification, total pitch error, and rarely declare the single pitch error.  But the highest quality suppliers of precision rack and pinion will clearly define all specifications of each class of module they supply.

These specifications include

  • Helix angle and pressure angle deviation
  • Over pin height accuracy
  • Total single pitch error
  • The geometrical tolerances in the engineering drawing and QC-standard for all dimensions
  • The surface roughness of the teeth
  • The hardness and thickness of the hardened layer of the teeth
  • Parallelism, perpendicularity, and straightness (free and fixed position) of the rack

If a supplier does not declare the specifications of their product, how can an engineer know that the product will meet the application requirements?


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