The value of Technical Partners Group is our team

The team is always stronger than the sum of its parts. An independent agency combines the capabilities and careers of multiple professionals to work for you. The team leverages each other’s technical knowledge, applications experience, relationships, and business insights to offer more than any single territory manager. With the Technical Partners Group team, we have nearly a century of web handling, power transmission, and industrial automation control experience that enables us to educate, support, and promote our products.



We provide local support for the following technologies
Industrial Automation Control

Industrial automation control is one of our core competencies.  Utilizing years of industrial automation control experience, we have curated our product selection to provide our customers with world-class, complete solutions. From high-performance servo gearheads to multi-axis gantry actuators we represent the quality products needed to meet the most difficult application requirements.


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Mechanical Power Transmission

We have developed partnerships with numerous manufacturers to provide power transmission solutions for our customers.  We offer a wide range of power transmission components such as: gearboxes and gearmotors, friction reducing components, couplings, hydraulic coolers, and bell housings. This allows us the flexibility to always recommend the best product for your application.


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Web Handling Converting

Our strategic partnerships enable us to provide our customers with the very best web handling solutions. Our experience with web handling applications enables us to be the trusted consultant that our customers can rely upon for their web handling needs. We represent web handling products such as: winding, slitting, guiding, tension control, rolls, die cutting, trim removal, static control, and web cleaning.


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