We hold ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Technical Partners Group is an independent manufacturer’s rep agency that acts as a local branch office for the companies we represent. We provide local market knowledge and strategy for selling and supporting our manufacturer’s products. Our close-knit sales team provides comprehensive coverage in our geographic territory. Our Sales team has a combined total of 80+ years experience in our industry that includes the three key perspectives, customer, distributor, and manufacturer. This lends credibility to our relationships and unique insight into problem-solving for our principals.

Design Assistance

TPG is a resource throughout the life cycle of your design. Early in the design phase, we bring application support and general information on the technologies we offer.


As the designs are finalized, we are the interface to manufacturer’s engineering and production departments to assure products are supplied to your specifications and on time.

Supply Chain Management

Later, as a valued supplier, we help you manage your supply chain issues including lead times, pricing and product updates or changes.

The Team

Our experts are here to help

President / Founder
Tom Carlson

I broke away from a corporate career to start my own sales agency in 2003. I had reached a cross roads where I would leave MN to pursue national and global opportunities. I chose to stay and build a new company focused on serving the manufacturing industries in the Midwest. I enjoy bringing customers, distributors, and manufacturers together on extended teams to solve problems in engineering and supply chain management. I wear many hats at Technical Partners Group including business manager, sales manager, technical adviser and sales resource for all territories.

Vice President of Sales
Kyle Franklin

I joined Technical Partners Group to be part a firm whose goal is to build a portfolio of synergistic products to better serve our customers. I enjoy bringing customers, distributors, and manufacturers together on extended teams to solve problems in engineering and supply chain management. I also enjoy educating our customers on the benefits and services that our manufacturers bring to them. As the Vice President of Sales I provide leadership for team members to drive sales growth for our principle partners.  Additionally, I provide professional development guidance for my sales team so they can better achieve their goals and goals of the company.


Manufacturer’s Rep.
Isak Keskitalo

With an expanding family, I was intrigued by the idea of managing a local territory where I grew up in Western MN. I wanted to work from home and reduce the number of airport visits. Even though I put on a lot of car miles, working with TPG has given me a more balanced home life. A few hour car drive is much different than dealing with airports for a few hour plane ride!



Manufacturer’s Rep.
Jeff Seifert

I decided to join TPG after many years of gentle persuasion from my longtime friend and former co-worker, Tom Carlson. I observed an entrepreneur who had the vision to build and grow a company of utmost integrity and create a culture where all employees are valued and have an equal voice. This is truly a company team that feels like a family. Tom realizes that employee satisfaction is linked to customer satisfaction and believes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Not only do I enjoy representing the synergistic mix of quality supplier partners but I am also proud to be a part of the TPG “family”.

Senior Sales Associate
Vicki Armstrong

I began my career at a packaging machinery manufacturer in their purchasing department. I moved to a similar role at a company that made animal feed and bakery mixes.  I transitioned to being a supplier as a high tech distributor for 20 years. I enjoyed helping customers as both Inside and Outside Sales.  Now as part of the TPG team, we work closely together to support each other in our efforts to meet the expectations of the customers and manufacturers

Kurt McMahon - Manufacturer's Represenative
Manufacturer’s Rep.
Kurt McMahon

I work with my customers at all levels of their organization to identify potential points of pain and then address them with comprehensive, tailor-made solutions. Having a technical background and experience as an engineer in the field, I find myself well-suited to adapting to my customer’s specific situation and to understanding their processes at the most basic levels.

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